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There is no secret to happiness, but there is a science to it.

The International Happiness Institute is a research, education, and consulting firm that is devoted to bettering mental health through research, learning, workshops, and other resources that build happiness in individuals, businesses, and organizations.


The study of happiness is important not only because it feels good, but also because it makes people better, healthier, and improves quality of life. Research teaches us that regardless of genetics, age, gender, and life circumstances, it is possible to intentionally increase happiness.

Happier people have:

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Better Health
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More Energy
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Lower Stress
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Less Anxiety
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More Fulfilling Relationships
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Better Sleep


From the Ancient Greeks, to Aristotle, to The Declaration of Independence’s“Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”, humans have always been intrigued and allured by happiness. Yet, it has only been in the past few decades that science’s preoccupation with disease and disorder has shifted to a greater focus on well-being, examining topics such as, thriving, flourishing, and happiness. In particular, the scientific study of happiness has mushroomed since ~1995, as evidenced by the number of PsycINFO (the world's largest database devoted to peer-reviewed literature in behavioural science and mental health) abstracts mentioning the world “happiness”.


The International Happiness Institute is in the vanguard of the science of happiness. Our thought leadership and proven frameworks and solutions combine the latest strategies that have emerged from the fields of health science, biology, psychology, and neuroscience to boost happiness in a meaningful way. We bring academic research to life to provide a practical, solutions-oriented approach for individuals, businesses, and organizations.

The International Happiness Institute believes…

We are proud to have worked with companies such as Adidas, Best Buy, Canada Life, CI Global Asset Management, CIBC Wood Gundy, Interac, L'Oréal, Mount Sinai Hospital, National Bank, Novartis, Proctor & Gamble, RBC, Roche, Sotheby's, Staples, TD Canada Trust, The Bank of Montreal, The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, and The YMCA in countries including Canada, The United States, Australia, Brazil,The United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, and more.


Research reminds us that happiness isn’t something that we earn, it’s something that we learn and practice. The International HappinessInstitute of Health Science Research’s mission is to study the science of happiness and its connection to physical and mental health, productivity, success, well-being, and thriving to help people live their happiest life.We are a research, education, and consulting firm that is devoted to bettering mental health through research, learning, workshops, and other resources that build happiness in individuals, businesses, and organizations.


Life doesn’t get better by chance; it gets better by change. By translating the science of happiness into actionable strategies, TheInternational Happiness Institute brings research to life to help people live more fulfilled, happier, and more meaningful lives.

Our comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach to happiness blends data-driven research; science-backed skills, practices, tools, and resources; and practical application to help develop skills, create meaningful change, raise potential, and boost happiness.

At the International Happiness Institute, we bridge the gap between knowing and doing by integrating academic research with the real world, so that our message is not only instructive and inspirational, but evidence based. We do this in 2 ways:
1. Research and consulting services
2. In-person and online speaking, workshops, and interactive learning experiences


Dr. Gillian Mandich, a scientist, published researcher, author, speaker, and media personality founded The International Happiness Institute of Health ScienceResearch to help bridge the gap between research and the real world. United by a passion to help create a happier and healthier world, the organization combines the latest research, real-world wisdom, and an engaging style to provide practical, tailored, evidence-based happiness strategies and solutions that empower people, organizations, and communities to live happier, healthier lives.

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Professional Bio

Dr. Gillian Mandich has a PhD from Western University in Health Science, specializing in Health Promotion. Her primary areas of research are happiness and health, and her work combines the latest research, practical wisdom, and an engaging style to help people live happier, healthier lives.

Dr. Mandich is passionate about research. She is the founder of The InternationalHappiness Institute of Health Science Research; Research Associate at The WorldDatabase of Happiness, based out of Erasmus University Rotterdam in theNetherlands; co-lead investigator of The Canadian Happiness At Work Study; and is a part of the Meant2Prevent research team at SickKids. She appears regularly in the media on shows such as The Social, Marilyn Denis, Breakfast Television,The Morning Show, and CBC; is a graduate Student Innovation Scholar Program at the Richard Ivey School of Business Pierre L. Morrissette Institute forEntrepreneurship and WORLDiscoveries®; has been named one of Canada’s top Health Leaders four years in a row by OptiMYz Magazine and the CanFitPro 2020Canadian Presenter of the Year; and has given two TEDx talks: “The SurprisingTruth About Happiness” at TEDx Yorkville and “The Two Things You Need To KnowTo Be Happier Today” at TEDx Windsor.